Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

Samstag, 12.05.12 um 20 Uhr  

Elvis meets Mick Jagger Party!

  Imagine exactly what that means. I can't! Nor could Mick Jagger: "I never met Elvis either, because John Lennon once told me he was a real disappointment. So I said I’d take his advice, because I’d already had it with Chuck Berry and I didn’t want it to happen again with Elvis. Though now, of course, I wish I had met Elvis, you know what I mean? You never think, Oh he’s gonna die soon, I’d better hurry up and meet him. Because in those days he wasn’t very old. If nothing else, you’d still be able to talk about it, wouldn’t you? It would be awful if I’d never met Chuck Berry, after listening to his things over all those years." Same with this party!

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