Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Do. 11.10.12  21 Uhr Raptusound with Special Guests Missilias Pupeteers 

Raptusound are a breaking new alternative electro rock band from Leicester; four musicians who write, record, produce and perform their own music and who, since making their live debut in October 2011, have rapidly made a name for themselves as a powerful and accomplished live act, creating a passionate and emotive atmosphere with their beautifully written and arranged songs.

Raptusound are Christopher Brown (vocals, guitars), Tristan Owen (drums), Jack Liquorish (bass), and Leigh Dunning (keyboards/synth
s), and began when long-time friends Christopher and Tristan worked together on a collection of songs that Christopher had written back in 2008. After talking together about instrumentation and arrangement, they quickly realised they were completely in tune with one another on how they wanted to write, record and produce music. Consequently they recorded four demo tracks and uploaded them to the BBC Radio 1/BBC 6 Music Introducing website in the UK – a part of the BBC that showcases the best in UK unsigned artists.
Raptusound combines two words; 'raptus', which describes a transcendent state, a place where you are completely unaware of anything else; and ‘sound’, which is the vehicle that takes you to that place. Our name reflects the fact that for each of us there are those songs or pieces of music that express some of the deepest emotions we experience in life in a way that nothing else can, and in doing so those songs become a powerful and treasured part of our lives. Our aim is to write and perform that sort of music, that ‘raptusound’.

Twitter: @raptusound

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